We've moved to Windows 10

If you reached this page, you are probably running an old trial version of ScanAndSave and are interested in registering it.  If so, and you are running Windows 10, we strongly encourage you to download the latest trial version of ScanAndSave from the online Microsoft Store.  This is the version that will have all the latest features and bug fixes.  The old version of ScanAndSave will not continue to receive updates.

not running windows 10?

If you’re not running Windows 10, you can still register the old version of ScanAndSave.  However, that version will not continue to receive updates.  (See the FAQ below for more information.)  Click the button below if you still wish to register the old version of ScanAndSave.


ScanAndSave Registration

Microsoft ended mainstream support of Windows 7 in January of 2015, and extended support in January of 2020.  Because of that, some of the programming tools and software libraries we rely on for ScanAndSave are not available for Windows 7.  Rather than spend resources supporting two versions of ScanAndSave, we decided to focus all our efforts on a version that runs on the platform being used by most of our customers, which is Windows 10.

We are investigating the technical feasibility of this.  However, the old version and the new version of ScanAndSave have different distribution and registration models, which complicates things.  We will update this FAQ when we reach a decision.

From within ScanAndSave, click the About button.  If the version displayed in the About dialog is 3.0 or greater (for example, 3.00.0168), then you are running the new version of ScanAndSave.  If it is less than 3.0 (for example, 2.50.0158), then you are running the old version of ScanAndSave.

contact us if you have any questions